The Bright Foundation, originally known as Hispafest, the Hispanic American Art and Culture Festival, in 2023 resumes its registered name as a 501c3 nonprofit in charge of promoting art and culture in the region and thus at once helping emerging and mid-career artists, and also integrating the local multicultural society together with a common language such as art.

For this, Hispafest continues to stand out in all activities that exclusively promote Hispanic art and culture as well as Hispanic-American artists, as is the case with Hispanic Heritage Month, in which different exhibitions are held annually as a result of this celebration, mainly in September and October.

Founded by our director, the philanthropist and art lover Nubia Abaji in 2018 during an entrepreneurship program developed by Cisneros Media, the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and the academic support of IESA and later the Idea Center with its Impact Miami program, Nubia Abaji joined a group of artists and curators seeking to open exhibition spaces that give emerging and mid-career artists (mostly immigrants or second and third generation immigrants) the opportunity to exhibit their work and receive the institutional support that guides them to continue growing their careers.

Oh my gosh!  Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you! It was a marvellous experience.” Daniella Viotti (Artist)